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Sven Olav Lyngstad                                                           


Sven Olav Lyngstad teaches violin, viola and chamber music at the Trondheim City School of Music. In this school most of his teaching is affiliated with the Saturday School,  a special talent programme  for the most advanced students age 10  – 19 .  Sven conducts the Saturday School Chamber orchestra and Symphony Orchestra.  He also teaches at and Heimdal videregående skole , Trondheim Katedralskole (Junior Colleges of Preforming Arts ) and at the University of Trondheim NTNU

As a professional violist he performs regularly in chamber music and with the professional orchestras in Norway. 

He has given folk music presentations featuring the Hardanger fiddle in the USA, Iceland and throughout Scandinavia, and he was invited to give concerts and workshops at  the  2004 Genius of the Violin Festival in London. (Soul of the Fiddle) and at the Spirit of Norway Festival 2007 in Manchester.

He received his professional training at Trøndelag Conservatory of Music in Trondheim, St. Olaf College in Minnesota and Eastman School of Music,Rochester NY.

Sven has served 8 years as a member of the National Board of the Norwegian Musicians Union.

In 2010 he was appointed honorary member of the Trondheim Chamber Music Society.