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                                                           CD:   A Norwegian Wedding


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                                                           Soul of the Fiddle  London March 28th – April 2nd




            Hardanger fiddle:

Concerts in Minnesota 1982, Iceland 1983, Two week tour in USA sponsored by The Norsemen’s Federation and Sons of Norway  1984.  Concerts in Norway include the Norwegian Music Festival 1992,  Saint Olaf Festival, Trondheim 1993 and Olsok at Stiklestad 1993. Genius of the Violin Festival in London March 2004: Concert in Queen Elisabeth Hall, lecture recital at the Soul of the Fiddle Conference and teaching a 3 day course at  the Royal Academy of Music. Spirit of Norway Festival in Manchester March 2007: Grieg Op.72 “Slåtter” together with pianist Einar Steen Nøkleberg